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Hello and welcome, thank you for taking the time to visit. It’s great to have you with us.

Over 30 years ago, I trained full time for 5 years to be a dancer. Having sustained a back injury early in training I left dance school without a career path, not much spinal mobility and with serious lower back pain! I continued to do what I could with an injury, and worked in an exhausting and stressful, corporate environment as a Freelance Project Event Director. I trekked high altitude mountains, took up water skiing and other board sports, but there was always something missing from my love of dance and movement and the pain always remained.


Some years ago a boyfriend recommended Yoga in the hope of easing my back pain and I was hooked right away! Yoga became part of my rehabilitation and the injury became manageable with chronic pain diminishing to barely nothing, allowing me to come off prescription opiates and reducing expensive physiotherapy and spinal injections. The reason I am telling you this is to say that Yoga and regular mobility and movement saved my back from what I had put it through dancing and my other physically demanding sports. Yoga was the key fundamental practice that was needed in my life to maintain my physical and mental well-being… so here we are a decade later as a Yoga Alliance Registered ‘Real Flow Yoga’ Instructor.

Indyoga (named after my cat Indy 🙂) offers community classes and private 1-2-1 sessions in Boroughbridge and surrounding areas of North Yorkshire. Our wish and intention is to help you help yourself to feel better in daily life; physically, mentally and emotionally, to assist you coming to the mat from injury or complement your existing sports & activities, to encourage a beginner to come to their first class or motivate & support improving students to maintain commitment in their already growing practice. I hope you find fulfilment, challenge and enjoyment of yoga & movement.

My approach to teaching is positive & encouraging, fun & inclusive. I am not only passionate about being mindful within your own body and mobility, but allowing you to explore your own journey. Whilst supporting you to find ways to heal through the many benefits a regular practice can bring, my training with the school of ‘Real Flow Yoga’ embodies a balanced sequence within physical postures as well as mental and spiritual transformation through positive psychology. We bring ‘Flow State’ to our practice on our mats and our daily lives, with emphasis on the cultivation of mindfulness, trust and authenticity, as it is these 3 key qualities that unlock the flow state within us all! The ‘Real Flow Yoga’ ethos being ‘Yoga that attunes us to the Flow of Life’.

Yoga tuition

I am a qualified Usii Level II Reiki practitioner and would love to support anyone that would benefit from the healing and relaxing practice of Reiki.

With many years spent on the water in board sports, such as Slalom Skiing, Wakeboard, Wakeskate, Surfing, Paddleboard and Wakesurf, it was a natural progression to take Yoga to the water and I am a Yoga Alliance qualified SUP Yoga Instructor and BSUPA Paddleboard Instructor. Would you like to join me to ‘Find your Flow’ on water on rivers and lakes around North Yorkshire? Visit the SUP Page on the website to find out more information on Paddleboarding & SUP Yoga and its many benefits.

I have no doubt you will enjoy all the wonderful aspects that Yoga, movement and paddle boarding can offer you and I welcome you to your mat or board.

Adrianne at Indyoga

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