The Crown Chakra

she has so much patience and passion

Last October I attended my first yoga class in Horton. From the moment I contacted Adrianne, she was so supportive and welcoming. My first class was really good, Adrianne ensured that I knew that I should take things at my own pace, providing guidance on less difficult postures. I have never looked back, and have recently started to increase my yoga practice attending the Saturday morning classes too.
Supported by Adrianne, I have been able to start to access all the benefits of yoga, not only the fabulous workout and stretches, but mindful meditation. Taking time out of the rat race for me.
Whilst I am only at the start of my yoga journey, it has made a real positive impact upon my life. Without the support and encouragement of Adrianne, it would have been easy to give up or feel uncomfortable as I sought to transition between the poses.
I would highly recommend Adrianne’s classes, she has so much patience and passion that you will leave her class enlightened and ready to face the world.


Third eye Chakra

a noticeable difference each week

Having tried to incorporate yoga into my lifestyle for many years, I have finally found a class that has allowed me to truly understand what yoga can do for me. Adrianne is incredibly knowledgeable and takes the time to explain each process & pose allowing me to see a noticeable difference each week & encouraged me to practice more in between classes.


Throat Chakra

I highly recommend Adrianne’s personal, welcoming approach

I first met Adrianne at our Wakeboard School in 2018, we talked about Yoga as I was very interested in starting to practice this to complement my wakeboarding, with the aim to invest in my wellbeing and look after my body. I started early December 2018 and have not looked back. I very much look forward to my practice on a Saturday morning and could not imagine life without my Yoga.

I highly recommend Adrianne’s personal, welcoming approach and the structured way each week’s classes are planned and delivered.


A pleasure to share your space and energy

Thank you for a beautifully peaceful practice. A pleasure to share your space and energy and I look forward to more magic on the mat another day. A safe, dedicated, committed and gentle teacher who I would 100% recommend.


Solar Chakra

such a beautiful way of teaching

I always look forward to Adrianne’s classes, as I know they are going to be carefully planned, from start to finish, never two sessions the same and always enjoyable. She sets a friendly atmosphere, encouraging each of us to work to our level while gently exploring whether we can in fact do just a little bit more. The challenges vary, as one week it might be a lot of strength work, another week it might be balance, or using the breath. There are always surya namaskara (sun salutations) and vinyasa (flow) work but with subtle and interesting changes each time. And then we may find we offered a taste of trataka sadhana (candle-gazing) or yin yoga. I’m sure we all leave the class feeling lighter in heart, mind and body.


Sacral Chakra

we all leave the class feeling lighter in heart, mind and body

There is no one better to practice yoga with period. AD has been a professional athlete all her life and is able to identify weaknesses, challenge your body to constantly improve and expand, and create a headspace that simply leaves you wanting more.


Root Chakra

perfect combination of exercise and relaxation

I really enjoy Indyoga’s classes, they are the perfect combination of exercise and relaxation. I always leave class feeling grounded with a clear head. Adrianne is an amazing yogi and a great teacher with a lot of contagious positive energy.